Oskar is 3 months old!

Can not believe my little man is 3 months old arghhhh! I feel that us all as a family Oskar, his dad and I have come so far within the 3 months that he has been born! Obviously this whole parenting thing has been a learning curve for us both. Eventhough I work with children, it really does not compare to having your own child! I have never felt so proud of such a tiny person for just cracking a smile or swatting at a toy!

Oskar went swimming two days ago and it was the first time that they let him go whilst he was underwater! He loved it! The water really does not phase him. He just brought himself back up to the surface and into his daddy’s arms 🙂

Since Oskar’s two month update I wouldn’t say lots has changed but progressed. He was making lots of noises in his last update, but now he babbles with you, socially smiles and has started giggling! (Cutest noise ever!)  Oskar still loves the TV, this can come in handy when I’m trying to get ready in the morning! (oops!) He is now lots more awake during the day, Oskar is mainly a cat-napper, rather than a baby that sleeps for long periods and has less sleeps. He is starting to show routine within his morning sleeps, usually waking around 6:30/7:30 and then having a morning nap between 9:30 and 10:00 but the rest is just left to how he is feeling!

This month Oskar has had quite sore gums the poor soul 😦 this has lead to him sticking his fist in his mouth quite a lot, it has become his new favourite thing to do! Oskar is much more aware of his hands and has started to ‘feel’ things and hold them for a short period of time!

Anyway; here is Oskar’s three month update photo:

Oskar 3months.jpg

Kirsty x


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