27 weeks and 3 days pregnant!

Omg. I literally only just realised that I missed out my 26 week update! My memory and thought process is so bad at the moment, I blame baby brain!! (I’ll use it as an excuse whilst I can anyways!;))

These past 2 weeks have been pretty interesting, pregnancy wise. I’ve had no more water infections (for now) so thats always a plus! Nothing out of the ordinary really happened during my 26th week. I decided to buy the MaxiCosi FamilyFix isofix base for the car seat that I got! Just because I wasn’t 100% comfortable with the way the car seat fit into my car using the seat belt so I got that from Halfords for Β£149.99! This base can also be used with the MaxiCosi Pebble for when they’re a bit bigger πŸ™‚

I’m not sure if I mentioned in my 25th week update that normal bras are beginning to become a nuisance! But they are! deffo. Its painful! I really need to get some wireless ones.. I’m not sure whether I need another fitting or to just buy wireless ones in the same size as my last fitting.. I’ve been fitted since I’ve been pregnant so I’m sure It’d be okay.

Going on to 27 weeks, I had my first lot of Braxton Hicks this week (I believe.) I had to ring the midwife because I had a little bleeding. (TMI, I know. But isn’t that what pregnancy is all about?! ;)) But I’ve had no more so thats nothing to be concerned about πŸ™‚ I also ordered my baby changing unit which got delivered yesterday! my room seriously right now is bags, suitcases, boxes and clothes. I can not wait until this Thursday! I’ll have all of my furniture set up and ready πŸ™‚ I got my unit from mothercare its the Padstow one I believe and cost me Β£250.00 although online it says Β£255.00 but I’m not complaining πŸ˜‰ here is where you can find it!:
I got it in white πŸ™‚

He has been moving soo much this week, I can feel him literally right over on my right side it’s like he has no space in there and he’s literally the length of me! Everyone keeps asking me if i’ve decided on a name yet, which I still haven’t. Which is pretty annoying because I want to get those beautiful blankets from ‘The cuddle company’ they personalise them for you and I really want one before he’s hereeee! If anyone has any nice names that aren’t too common that would be appreciated πŸ˜‰ My bump feels so big to me now, even though the parents at work are telling me that I’m small! My family think different but I think that’s because my work clothes are baggier on me and my family are used to seeing me smaller, I guess the parents never took any notice before haha!

I saw my midwife last week, they don’t do much do they? I thought they did a lot more.. She took my blood pressure and found baby’s heartbeat and thats about it! I did have my flu jab and whooping cough jab though.. although I didn’t really get much warning about that.. I turned up for my appointment and there was a nurse there waiting and she basically asked me on the spot if I wanted them. So I didn’t really get the chance to talk to anyone about it, I’ve been fine since though – no flu or cold or anything! Touch wood!!

This week I got my very first dose of heartburn. I’ve had it every day since! Been having rennies, it seems to be every time I eat anything. Oh my gosh it burns! Still no stretch marks though πŸ˜€

I got him some more clothes last weekend too! But I think there are a few clothes that I haven’t posted here so next week when I have my furniture I’ll probably get it all sorted and show you then πŸ˜€

I’ll be seeing her again this Thursday, my last appointment was well over due so to keep on track I have to go and see her again. Hopefully won’t take too long because I’ll be busy sorting my room out! πŸ˜› tomorrow I need to go shopping, probably going to buy my changing bag because I want to use that as my hospital bag. I have no clue on what I need to put in it! apart from like pjs for me, some clothes to come home in, some clothes for baby, nappies etc. Flip flops for the shower – deffo. IsΒ there anything that anyone found essential but something you really wouldn’t think of? I know I need sanitary towels/maternity pads.. Eek help!


Kirsty x



25 weeks and 3 days pregnant!

Haven’t written a blog post in a while so heres my update πŸ™‚ Been feeling him move loaaaads this week, unless my mum wants to feel him kick and puts her hand on my stomach; then he completely refuses to kick – typical!

So, still going with the dreaded water infection, although I don’t believe I have a water infection anymore. I think all of the antibiotics gave me thrush which had just gotten way out of control. Last Sunday (11th September) I yet again called 111 to ask for advice as it was just becoming so uncomfortable and unable to bear. They got me an appointment with the out of hours doctor, but the hospital I had to go to was about a half an hour drive.. so we got to the hospital and waited 40 odd minutes over my appointment time and I can honestly say I have never spoken to a doctor as rude as the one I saw that night. It was about 7pm and okay, she doesn’t want to be at work at 7pm on a sunday night listening to me complain about things that may be TMI but I have never come accross anyone so rude.

I explained to her that no one had examined me eventhough I’ve returned constantly about the same issue and they’ve just been prescribing me antibiotics. The response I got from her was “Well they dont need to examine you actually.” I mean seriously? I’m 6 months pregnant and had a water infection / thrush for over a month or more! I made her check me in the end and all she gave me was a pessary and come cream of which Β I already had 2 tubes of.

I have my midwife appointment on Thursday (22nd September) and hopefully it will be my main midwife as I haven’t seen her since the day she came to my house to meet me. I haven’t really spoken to my midwife throughout this pregnancy. I texted her one night about the water infection and she never got back to me, so I haven’t really bothered since!

Going back to my wriggling bump! I have noticed, I think he likes twinkle twinkle little star… I work in a nursery and at circle times if we are singing I will feel him kick or move each time I sing that song! Unless thats his way of telling me he dislikes my singing haha!

According to my pregnancy+ app he is now… 13.62 inches long and 1.46 pounds and apparently his spine has 1000 ligaments, 150 joints and 33 vertebrae. His skin is more opaque and he is beginning to develop a little memory πŸ™‚ This all sounds so advanced, I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy has gone! It also says I can start experiencing Braxston Hicks any time now.. omg!

I bought my car seat I think the weekend before last! (3rd september) possibly? I haven’t got any photos of it as it is in my car in black bags (best place to store it!) but if anyone is interested I got the Maxi Cosi CabrioFix carseat as this fits onto the pushchair that I want as a travel system and it seemed to be the smallest/lightest one out of the choices I had due to the pushchair πŸ™‚ I got it for Β£100, Mothercare had a sale on the black lined patterned one which is the one I got, I dont like the look of the blue one etc. When baby is here I can give it a proper review, but I’ve tried to fit it into my car already, just using a seatbelt. I only have a small corsa and it took up pretty much all of the seatbelt and still rocked abit, so I Β am thinking about getting an isoFix base… does anyone currently use one or know anyone that does? I think I was looking at the FamilyFix one, but they cost more than what I paid for the carseat!

Kirsty x

24 weeks and 1 day pregnant!

6 months already! Where is this pregnancy going?! That’s all I can say!

Apparently, according to my Pregnancy+ app, as always, my baby is approx. 11.81 inches long and weighs 1.32 pounds! Thats still approx. about the same size as an eggplant which im none of the wiser as to what one of those are haha!

This week I feel so tired. Literally, usually I feel tired, but this week tiredness has deffo gotten worse. I find it harder to wake up in the morning even after 7-8 hours sleep, which is pretty good for me! I’m still not wanting to wake up and then falling asleep or finding it hard to stay awake around 8-9pm.

This is probably TMI but I literally think I STILL have this dreaded water infection and I’m still on antibiotics and just being handed creams-.- I think this is probably here to stay until this baby gets here! Yesterday, (06.09.16) he must have been laying on a nerve. I could hardly walk it wasΒ such a sharp pain! My friends at work were prodding him to try and get him to move! He was having none of it for about 4 hours and then decided to kick me and then move! Better late than never I suppose πŸ™‚

When I write my udpates I always feel like I’m leaving information out. but nothing really happens in a week! Not for me anyways – so far if it wasnt for him moving I literally don’t feel pregnant! – Still no stretch marks woo! *touch wood;))*

People have been telling me that compared to last week my bump has ‘popped’ and I look abit bigger! I ordered a few tops (a few are maternity and another I took a gamble and just ordered a bigger size) so hopefully that will give me something different to wear haha!

Here is my 6 month bump! πŸ™‚



Kirsty x

23 weeks and 3 days pregnant!

Nearly 6 months pregnant omg!!

Apparently now my baby boy is the size of an eggplant? whatever one of those are πŸ˜› although in the picture it kind of looks like an aubergine. Thats a pretty good size πŸ™‚ According to my pregnancy+ app he is approx. 11.38inches long and weighs 1.1 pounds! When looking at the pictures he is already looking like a fully formed baby!

I feel him moving around quite a bit now during the day, mostly when I’ve just sat down or eaten something! He won’t move after everything I’ve eaten but I tend to feel him after I’ve eaten some fruit or something chocolatey! (Don’t blame him on that one ;))

I’ve had a lot of back pain this week and it’s becoming irritating when I’m trying to sleep. It’s taking me a little longer to sleep anyway seeing as I’m used to sleeping on my front and can no longer do that! But turns out that I have yet another water infection! (woo.) although when I went to the doctors on the Monday she tested my urine there and she said it was clear but on the Tuesday I got a phone call saying the 2nd sample I had done shows up definite infection – I’m fed up of being on the antibiotics!! Grrr.

Last Saturday (nearly a week ago – oops!) I managed to get myself a new wardrobe and bed!! I got it from Harveys/Bensons for Beds and they’re beautiful! Well, they looked it in the show room;) The only downside is t;t;that It’s not being delivered until 5th October. Hopefully It’ll fly by! I can’t hang any of his clothes (or mine for that matter!) up anywhere until this wardrobe gets here! He is starting to build up quite a collection of clothes too! I haven’t posted them but my sister ordered him some cute clothes too πŸ™‚

My belly feels pretty big to me now too! I know I probably say this every week but my tops are really starting to not fit me anymore;) I’m trying to hold out buying maternity clothes because I’m worried they’re not going to fit me and they’re going to look all baggy and horrible!


Kirsty x