Maternity clothing suggestions?!

So now I’m beginning to get fed up of knowing what on earth I can wear! my jeans don’t do up and half of the tops I like don’t look right anymore 😦 I have a few basic vest tops in which still fit me and I have a pair of jeggings I got from top shop years ago that still fit. Apart from that I literally have no clothes! I tried ASOS maternity jeans, I mean they fit. but they’re baggy and anyone that knows me knows that I can’t stand baggy clothes!

I’m looking at ASOS at a few tops but I dont know 😦 I’m pretty petite and I’m only 5 foot tall so this could be interesting.. If anyone from the UK can suggest to me where they got theirs from so I could have a look that would be amazing? Otherwise I’m going to risk getting normal tops just in a bigger size!!


Kirsty x


22 weeks 1 day pregnancy update & baby clothes haul!

I can not believe that I am already 22 weeks pregnant!!

I’m starting to feel him wriggling a lot more often now, whilst driving in the car and eating the most but its not just twice a day now! He’s a right little wiggler and also feels like hes doing flips at times! 🙂 I’m still not having any cravings, although saying that I really wanted a banana milkshake the other day, I didn’t get one so I ended up eating a whole bowl of banana angel delight.. but I havent had any constant cravings for any certain thing.

I’ve started noticing my ‘pregnancy nose’ a lot more now, I was thinking what is everyone talking about pregnancy nose, better smell when they’re pregnant because I didnt notice it at all, but now I’m further along I am beginning to notice that i recognise certain smells earlier than everyone else.

A couple of people at work have said this week that they can now notice my bump! I’ve also had a couple of parents at nursery ask me whether I’m pregnant or not! My water infection (can’t remember whether I posted about it or not) has now cleared up 🙂 hopefully I wont get any more as I’ve now had 3 and they’re sooooo irritating!

One downside to this pregnancy that I have found is that my feet are beginning to ache a lot, more when they’re hot than any other time and being on my feet all day doesn’t help either 😦

Here is my bump this week – its not the best photo though! 🙂 Still no stretch marks on my tummy! Hopefully it stays that way *touch wood!*


Starting to see my belly button poking out of my top now! Makes me cringe as I hate belly buttons haha! Started with getting rid of furniture in my room this week! The dreaded chair has now gone to the tip and hopefully this weekend I will have finally ordered a wardrobe! Anyways now for my haul!

Since finding out the gender of the baby I wanted to use Saturday as a day to start shopping! so £107 later in mothercare this is what I got..



img_9208So first I got this cute little aeroplanes vest and dungarees set 🙂 I got this in new baby, I’m struggling to know how much of each size to get! I’m not sure how much he will need! This cost £14.00


Next I got him some little jeans! These are the cutest little jeans I’ve seen in a while 🙂 I have my eye on some from River Island too:) These ones cost me £9.00 I do believe. I’m currently trying to get the prices from the reciept and they aren’t the easiest things to read 😉





Next I got this little check shirt vest 🙂 I’m in love with these little vests! I got this for £9.00




Next I got these longsleeved vests, They’re both stripy and they are pretty basic 🙂 These cost £9.00



Next I got these sweet little hippo vests 🙂 They come as a 2pk and cost me £9.00


Now another check shirt! 😀 I love the colours on this one, I got this in 0-3 months and this cost £9.00img_9216


Then I got this 🙂 this will be one of the first things that he will wear as I got it in the size ‘up to 1 month’ I love the cheeky little monkeys on it! 🙂 this cost £12.00 for the top and joggers 🙂


Thats all of it from mothercare! Then I went into next, seeing as we have a brand new store in my town.. not that I really needed an excuse 😉 I got a few bits from there..

Kirsty x

21 week update & GENDER REVEAL!

So I didn’t get to post my update and gender reveal yesterday after my scan as I went back to work and after that my evening was so so busy! So here I am doing it now 🙂

Theres nothing much different this week to what there was last week. Feeling baby move lots now! tends to move around 6pm and then 11pm at night. I hardly feel anything during the day! Still no sickness etc. Woo! 😉 and as I said before in a previous post I have another dreaded water infection 3rd one this pregnancy but hopefully it will shift soon 🙂

My belly is starting to get pretty big. Probably not to most people but to me feels so big, especially when my tops are beginning to ride up a little!! Here is my belly at 21 weeks 🙂


So yesterday I had my scan at 12:15pm, I was so scared this time! I don’t know why, more nervous than last time! I went in and the scan took longer than my  12 week scan, she checked all of the heart, lungs, spine, face, kidneys, hands and feet, brain etc. to make sure everything was ok 🙂 She kept trying to check the back of the heart but baby didn’t want her to look and kept rolling over in awkward positions, she even tried tilting me backwards on the bed to try and get baby to move haha! Heres my scan photo at 21 weeks! 🙂



See baby is blowing bubbles! hehe – the lady said everything was fine, baby is normal size and is developing well 🙂 and now for my reveaalllll 🙂 its definitely not the best reveal thats on the internet but its basic and does the job 😉



So its a Boy!! Now time to start thinking of names and I can finally buy some outfits and start doing our room! 🙂

Kirsty x

ANOTHER water infection?! :( & Gender Scan tomorrow :D

I think I wrote about the back and shoulder pain that I’ve been having, maybe I mentioned it in my last post.. or did I? Anyways, yesterday I felt so uncomfortable. I rang the 111 number and she made me an out of hours appointment to see the doctor at the hospital. The back and shoulder pain I’ve been getting has been, yup you guessed it. Yet another water infection. I’ve been pregnant nearly 21 weeks and I’ve had 3 water infections! I wonder how many more are to come before baby is here!

So tomorrow at 12:15pm I’m having my 20 week scan (at 21 weeks;)) and I’m going to find out what I am having!! eek. Then I can start to get organised etc properly. I want to do a little gender reveal post but I’m out of ideas. If anyone has any ideas then feel free to post 🙂 I know its always easier to do videos than blog posts, but they aren’t really my thing!

Baby is currently kicking me tonnes! started feeling it properly, like on my hand Saturday but yesterday baby was so active. He/She must know I’m writing about them as I’m getting kicked like mad as I’m writing this post! 🙂

This was just a short post to update 🙂 I will most probably put an update/gender reveal up tomorrow 🙂 exciting times!

Kirsty x

20 weeks pregnant & finally got my room painted!

Hiiii 🙂 Heres my 20 week pregnancy update 🙂 theres nothing much that happened different this week from last week, when I do these updates I sometimes feel like I am writing the same thing. But honestly, if it wasn’t for the flutters and the popping bubbles inside my stomach I really would not feel pregnant! I mean, I’m going to the toilet a bit more frequently but no more this week than I have been previous weeks.

Although! Something happened yesterday, which is making me think to myself god please no! So far I have had virtually no sickness whatsoever. But yesterday I was outside standing next to the sandpit (I work in a nursery if you didn’t already know:)) and I started gagging like 8 times. I honestly thought I was going to be sick there and then! The smell of the sand just instantly hit me and made me feel terrible. I was fine afterwards and thankfully I was not sick! But fingers crossed I am hoping that I’m not starting with morning sickness – or any form of sickness!

According to my pregnancy+ app my baby is now the size of a small banana. Such a funny thing to compare my baby to, a banana. haha. Apparently my baby is approx. 10.08inches long and weighs 10.58oz. My awful dreams have subsided (for now) and hopefully it stays that way!

I can not believe that I am half way through this pregnancy already – it has gone so so fast! I am starting to think about when I want to go on my maternity leave. I want to carry on working for as long as I possibly can, because I’m due at Christmas time (27th December) I won’t be working right up until my due date anyway like some people do. I don’t think I’d manage it for starters haha.

I find out what gender my baby is a week today! So my 21 week update will also be a gender reveal! eeek.. That’s when I’m really going to start going crazy buying clothes because the only thing that is stopping me at the moment is that I don’t know what I’m having! some people say they get a gut feeling of what they’re going to have. But to be honest I haven’t got that, I have no idea whatsoever so it’ll be good to find out 🙂

Still not got any stretch marks (yay!) not on my stomach anyway. I have a few coming on my hip/upper thigh but they’re not too bad and I’ve always had a few there because of the contraceptive pill I was on years ago! Here is my bump at 20 weeks 🙂

So as you can see from the title of this post – I finally got my room painted. That horrible bright blue colour is no more! 🙂 My brother-in-law bless him, went over the whole room in undercoat first before going over it in this colour. It is from B&Q and is from the Valspar brand. I was going to get the Dulux one in the shade ‘chic shadow’ but they didn’t have the colour I tried as a tester in a 5L tin. So the colour I got was called Summer Grey and its a beautiful subtle grey colour. I haven’t done anything else in my room just yet, I am currently trying to find a nice white wardrobe that I like, I’m being so picky! I always get fed up of my room after a year or so. This time I want it to be different! The room feels so much bigger and brighter! I decided not to go ahead with the wallpaper that I was going to have, even though I already bought it. I just change my mind so quickly when it comes to decor. It was too much hassle trying to decide on colours of the wall to match the wallpaper and then colours of the furniture to match but also not blend in. It was a nightmare! Here is the colour of my room now 🙂

And yes, I am aware that there is a little bit on the ceiling. But thats easily fixed! 🙂 It may look a bit off colour, I think its my camera. I’ll try and take a good one at the weekend in really bright daylight (if the weather is good hehe!)

Kirsty x

19 weeks pregnant! & Decorating ideas.. changed my mind?!

It doesn’t feel like that long ago when I posted an 18 week pregnancy update but I thought I’d do my 19 week update now 🙂 I am 19 weeks pregnant today 02.08.2016 and I can finally say that I can feel the baby move!!

It’s such a strange feeling, I mean no one else can actually physically feel kicking on my stomach just yet but I can feel ‘butterflies’ and what feels like bubbles ‘popping’ in my stomach!

I have recently noticed that my stomach has got much weaker since my pregnancy has progressed. The slightest thing can make me feel queasy which isn’t the best of things considering I work with 2 year olds! Im grateful that the morning sickness is still no longer existing – fingers crossed it stays that way! Sometimes I still don’t feel pregnant!

According to my pregnancy app (pregnancy+) my baby is/should be currently the size of a grapefruit which is approx. 6.02 inches long & weighs 8.47 oz! Its exactly 2 weeks today to go until my gender reveal scan 😀 I am getting a little bit more excited to find out because I can start to buy actual outfits as well as vests!

I am starting to get heavier! I’m hoping that its all the fluids and not just me gaining weight 😉 Before I got pregnant I had never weighed over 6 stone 5 at the very very most. I think currently I am weighing at around 6 stone 10.5 to 6 stone 11 :O :O My leggings and one pair of jeggings still currently fit fine, so thinking this I bought some more jeggings from new look! But they are really not comfortable around the waistband area. I went to Mothercare to try on some maternity jeggings/jeans. The smallest they had in store was an 8R. They were ok in the waist but so baggy in the leg and I HATE baggy clothes. I went on ASOS and found that they do petite maternity clothes! – I mean, what a great idea 🙂 So I have ordered some in a 6 petite.. knowing my luck these ones will be too small! So when they get here I will do a review 🙂

Does anyone have any experience of a clingy pet and introducing baby to them? My dog is my baby and I’ve had him for 6 years now! He literally follows me around everywhere, he sleeps in my room also. He is a great dog and is fine with children, I just wondered if anyone had any ideas of how I could introduce the whole new baby thing when it comes closer to the time. Like an older sibling, I don’t want him to feel ‘pushed out’ as that can make some dogs rebellious.

I think I have changed my mind again about how I want to decorate mine and the baby’s room (typical me!) Instead of using the wallpaper to make it more simple and easier to change about I am going to paint my entire room a nice shade of grey. I have also found two nice colours, a bright pink or a bright aqua blue! I am in love with them both. I will then be able to use either of those colours for accessories etc. and adapt the white in with the white furniture, photo frames, shelves etc!


Kirsty x