Oskar is 4 months old! 

Arghhh! I can not believe Oskar is now 4 months old! .. I also cannot believe that the last blog post I did was a month ago. 🙈🙈 anyway; Oskar was 16 weeks old on Monday 1st May which is 4 months! (I know some people wouldn’t class him 4 months until 9th may) but 4 weeks is 1 month right?;) 

It feels like Oskar has done so many new things this month.. swam underwater without anyone holding him, transitioned into a cot bed, started to wean him & he now giggles lots!! I’m beginning to notice his favourites.. such as favourite songs & we have a set bedtime of 8:30pm now! He rarely ever sees past 8:30! 

My baby boy is now 13lbs 3oz & is 25cm long! 😍 here is his monthly update photo.. 

My baby boy is coming on in leaps and bounds and I’ve never been so proud of a little person 😍 

Again; I know I haven’t posted in like a month! But to see more interaction and daily posts of Oskar follow us on Instagram! @kirstylillian 💞

                         Kirsty x 


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