34 weeks and 5 days pregnant!Β 

I feel like these posts are becoming so repetitive now! I’m nearly at the end! 5 weeks and 2 days until I’m full term and 3 weeks left at work! I am greatful that my maternity leave is nearly here but I’m going to miss everyone at work sooo much!!

This week my baby is approx 17.72 inches long and 4.73 pounds in weight.. he is now using his own immune system and digestive system!

Last night and this morning I think I’ve been experiencing braxton hicks. My stomach kept going into a very weird shape followed by tonnes of pressure and squeezing and my tummy goes rock hard! He moved constantly for about 5-6 hours yesterday too which is something I’ve not experienced before! It’s happened a few times this morning too.. they’re not painful, I mean the odd one can be but not each time..


Kirsty x


33 weeks and 5 days pregnant!

So this week I have had a VERY active baby, i’m not sure if I say this every week but this week he has been non-stop literally from the time I wake up until around 7/8pm in the evening and then he starts again around about 11. It is the weirdest experience, especially to watch. It looks like waves in my stomach!

So I cleaned all the steriliser out that my friends got me and gave it a first run, just because I like to run things through before use! I also got the majority of my hospital bag finished with all of the little travel sized bits and bobs! I need to get some movies on my iPad, not sure what I fancy putting on there!

I also got the little LED rocket/spaceship light up on the wall near baby’s moses basket, it looks so cute! I’m not sure if I mentioned it in my last post but my friend bought it for me and it looks adorable on the wall! Look below..



I love love love this! πŸ™‚
The stars and the moon glows in the dark too so when the lights on and its pretty dark it looks so good! Although when it gets very dark the shape of the rocket kinda looks like a christmas tree.. maybe thats just me haha.Β This week I’ve been feeling him pushing out on me quite a bit too, it makes me feel like I’m desperate for the loo! Still taking my iron, probably not as much as I should but it is working pretty well on me..

I think I’m ready for maternity leave too! My job is just so full on and I am absoloutley knackered by the time we get to Wednesday 😦 Anyways.. according to my Pregnancy+ app my baby is now approx. the size of a Honeydew, no more winter squash! haha, and is appprox 4.2-5.6lbs in weight and 17-18inches in legnth! This will be his approximate size until week 36. The weekly overview says that his bones are hardening apart from the ones in his skull which allows his head to pass through my birth canal! He can control his breathing, digestive functions and his own body temperature. Apparently he can tell the difference between day and night – which is probably why I’m feeling him moving tonnes more! I don’t have any more stretch marks apart from the ones I’ve already got but I got some bio-oil anyways just to put it on my existing stretch marks and rub all over my stomach anyways!

I still haven’t heard back from the people who did my maternity photographs! It has been about 5 weeks now and they told me it would be around 3 weeks. I emailed them but I’ve not heard anything back 😦 I really want to see them! I understand though that its the Christmas period and people will be wanting photos for christmas cards etc. Hopefully I hear something soon…

Kirsty x

32 weeks and 5 days pregnant!

My iron has had a good effect on me this week, I have more energy, but still feeling tired – naturally! I think I’m nearly ready to finish work! even though I still have 4 and a half weeks. I’m due to finish on 9th December! I don’t think I will know what to do with myself haha! I’m just so ready for him to be here! Ordered some more bits to give the room a bit of decoration and my friends have bought me a few bits πŸ™‚ Just need to get it all up!

Two of my friends bought me the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Essentials Sterilisation Set which was really nice of them!! In mothercare at the moment its selling at Β£65.00 instead of Β£150 and it comes with so much! You get the steriliser, a dummy, a bottle warmer, bottle brush, teat tongs, 2 size 2 teats, 2 little bottle holders to keep them warm, milk storage pots and about 8 bottles with size 1 teats. You can get it in red, black or white I chose the white! Find it here πŸ™‚ :Β http://www.mothercare.com/electric-sterilisers/tommee-tippee-closer-to-nature-essentials-sterilisation-set/LD2608.html?dwvar_LD2608_color=White&cgid=#q=Steriliser&lang=default&start=3

Had my friends party last night, I struggled so much to find something to wear as I’m so picky with my clothes but in the end I found this beautiful black sparkly choker maternity top πŸ™‚ it did the job!

Anyway, been feeling so much more movement this week, its like he’s constantly on the move and does not stop! According to my pregnancy+ app he is currently the size of a winter squash (still don’t have a clue what one of those are, even though it looks a bit like a pumpkin) and he is approx. 16.69 inches long and weighs approx. 3.75 pounds πŸ™‚ I had my last scan on Wednesday (2nd nov) and they said he is still a boy haha, everything looks good! They checked the fluid thats all around him etc and all seems set πŸ™‚ Going by my BMI chart in my pregnancy notes and by my baby’s growth they said he is approx. 4 pounds 3 at the moment and if he continues to grow on the curved line on the chart inside of my notes he could be around 8lbs when he’s born. O.O Everyone is telling me not to take much notice of that though as it is so generalised and they were told their baby was going to be 8lbs and was born at 5lbs. So I guess only time will tell!

I haven’t had any bad symptoms of such this whole pregnancy, apart from the protein my urine since day one even though last wednesday they told me that I didn’t even have that! The only thing that seems to be a big deal at the moment is my gums. They bleed at the slightest touch and sometimes bleed without me even touching them. This is going to sound gross but they must bleed during the night also as I often wake up with blood literally everywhere. I should probably get that checked out.

Here is my bump at 32 weeks and 5 days:



Stretch marks are still there and I might even have a few more but my stomach is still going strong and none there πŸ™‚ think I might buy the bio oil!

Kirsty x