Oskar’s injections

Yesterday (9/3/17) oskar went for his first lot of immunisations. I really was not looking forward to taking him, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought.. I think I was more nervous about how he was going to react rather than myself. It helped that I didn’t take him alone as I do not do needles, I can not look at them. (you would have thought that I would be over that now as I had to have 2-4 canulas in my hands at once whilst I was pregnant) My partner came with me and held him whilst she did them.

For his 8 week appointment he had one oral vaccine and then 3 more in his leg. One of the injections is a 5 in one, I’m not 100% sure which 5, But I know that the oral one was for Polio. so yesterday Oskar had;

-1st Diphtheria
– Tetanus
-Whooping cough
-Haemophilus influenzae (hib)
-Men B

Seems like loads for just a little baby!! We have to do it all again in 4 weeks for his next lot!

Oskar was fine though, he was asleep until we undressed him. She gave him his oral vaccine, I gave him the calpol and then she did the others in his thigh. I was expecting him to be unsettled with a temperature for the rest of the day but he was fine! He slept a little more than usual but I put that down to the calpol knocking him out.  He didn’t show any signs of having a temperature so that has re-assured me about taking him for his next lot 🙂


My happy boy 🙂 8 weeks 3 days old! I love this outfit.. his vest and dungarees are from mothercare, I think they’re part of the ‘Little Bear’ clothing collection and cost £14.99, his socks have little bears eyes and ears at the top which are so cute! I know they’re from Next, but were a present from a friend whilst I was pregnant so I’m not sure how much they were!

Kirsty x


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