6-8 Week Health Visitor Check-Up!

Our health visitor came to see Oskar yesterday (28/02) and from speaking to literally everyone that I know that has had a child everyone dreads seeing the health visitor for some reason. I felt a bit patronised when she came when Oskar was 5 days old but I think that was because she sat there for about an hour feeding me tonnes of information that I already knew, I guess thats a benefit of working with under fives.

She was happy with his progress, he is a good weight, he is smiling and babbling a lot, he is an amazing sleeper (I thought she would have something to say about that because I am not waking him at night anymore but was pleasantly surprised when she didn’t.)

There isn’t really much to write about these little routine appointments as its all just procedure! She seemed happy that I changed his milk (again) but this one seems to be helping loads! I think its just harder for him to fill his nappy as the milk is thicker, but nothing some boiled water can’t help!

We also got a mamaroo yesterday which I was so excited about! I was wanting to get one for ages.. they’re way too expensive in the shops so I found one for a reasonable price on eBay, its in pretty good condition too! I will do a separate post on that one 🙂

Can’t believe my monkey is 8 weeks old on monday so I will update his weight, length etc on that post 🙂 Here is a picture of my bubba!


Kirsty x


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