Oskar’s First Swimming Class!

Saturday 25th February 2017 we took Oskar to his very first swimming class! We take him swimming with a company called Water babies! I was so excited to take him, even though I did forget his towel.. the most obvious thing and I forget it. *facepalm* So we found the place and had the health and safety talk, the teachers are really nice!

My other half was worried that he was going to be the only man in the pool with baby but to be honest there were more men in there than women! We have decided to take it in turns to take him in each week.

The classes are only half an hour and it went by so fast! They dipped the babies in and out of the water, getting them used to water in their face by saying “Oskar, ready, go” and then pouring a little water over his face. This is getting them ready to go underwater (Eeeek!)

He did actually go under the water and he didn’t cry once! He was pretty happy in the water I think I was more nervous! My turn to take him in next weekend eek!

Here are some photos 🙂


Kirsty x


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