Established a bedtime routine!

Establishing a bedtime routine was something that I was pretty nervous about doing with Oskar because he is a pretty light sleeper, we share a bedroom and usually he will fall asleep on you and then wake up as soon as you put him down!

Then I had the questions in my mind like “whats too late?” “whats too early?” etc. for times to put him to bed. Oskar sleeps pretty well and basically sleeps through the night.. So I decided to run him a bath and bath him at about 8:30pm get his pjs on etc. Then turn off the lights and give him his bottle, he usually falls asleep having his bottle and then I put him in his moses basket! By this time it is usually about 9:30 – 10:00pm but the time he actually gets to bed differs, depends on if he wakes up when I lay him down or not!

He will then usually sleep until approx. 6:30am! We have been doing this for about 5 nights now and I feel that its going really well! He is taking to it much better than I thought 🙂 (Hopefully it sticks!)

What routine do you have for your little ones?:)

Here is a picture of my smiley nearly 6 week old! 😮


Kirsty x


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