One month postpartum!

One month! I have a one month old! So one month on and I’m starting to feel better physically. My stitches played havoc with me and were sooo painful for about 3 and a half weeks, its just recently that I’ve come off of the paracetamol and I’m able to walk about and stand for much longer periods of time!

Post partum bleeding is still happening but its so much lighter, I’m not sure it will last much longer.. although I’m not sure how long it usually lasts???

I have felt happy in myself just the odd night where he’s crying because of colic and I generally felt like he didn’t want me because once I handed him to someone else he would stop, probably could sense I was getting a little stressed. But he’s starting to settle down now and I’m getting pretty used to it anyway 🙂 I have had so much support from everyone which I am eternally grateful for.

I’m still taking my iron which the hospital prescribed for me, I still have to take it 3 times a day(yuck!) which I’m not going to lie I sometimes forget to take it!!

I am also able to fit back into my size 6 jeans now eeek! feels so good to wear jeans again as throughout most of my pregnancy I just stuck with leggings and jeggings as maternity jeans were just so baggy on me and I am not a fan of baggy clothes! I can’t wait to go shopping for some new clothes 🙂 I am also loving that I am now able to sleep on my belly again! I missed it so much when I was pregnant!

I am currently weighing at 7 stone 2, which is still a little over my pre-birth weight but we are getting there! I’ll show you my one month postpartum belly…


I’m not sure why my belly has gone so dark since being pregnant! The line and definitely  around my belly button!

Kirsty x


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