1 week old!

I can not believe my baby is a week old already! It feels so much better being back home in my own environment rather than in the hospital..

Heres a bit about Oskar..

Oskar is a very alert baby.. I’m told this can be common for babies that were over due. He opens his eyes and scans his environment, his hearing is all good as he had his hearing test at the hospital, he also gets startled pretty easily by the dog barking, loud voices etc. OskarΒ is a very good sleeper. He hardly has me up in the night, I have to set my alarm and wake him for feeds (as recommended by my midwife). He goes straight back to sleep after being fed and changed.

He likes his lights on his spaceship wall light, I turn it on and he lays there for ages just staring at it! He likes to lay on me on his tummy whilst having cuddles. He will stay like this for ages πŸ™‚

Oskar currently has an 80% tongue tie, which made it difficult for him to feed at the beginning. I was aiming to breast feed and because of his tongue tie I was unable to as it would make it challenging for the both of us which could lead to him becoming distressed. In the hospital Oskar wasn’t feeding very much at all, I was using the SMA starter pack bottles which come ready made. He was only having about 25ml of this to begin with, at this point I wasn’t waking him every 3 hours for feeds. He was going longer periods of time without feeds so I decided I would start to wake him every 3 -4 hours for his feed. Now back at home, Oskar is feeding so much better and is taking 2oz every 3 – 4 hours.

We have an appointment at the end of the month to see someone about his tongue tie and hopefully get it clipped πŸ™‚ It is a very easy procedure and apparently isn’t that distressing for newborns, hopefully it will make it more comfortable for him while feeding and won’t affect his speech when he’s older πŸ™‚

Oskar enjoys being spoken or sung to, he will just lay there with wide eyes looking at you. He makes little noises which are just the cutest, I love laying and listening to him πŸ™‚ I’ve only washed his hair once as doing it at the hospital would have been a nightmare. He loved it though, didn’t kick up a fuss, just laid there looking content πŸ™‚

Oskar isn’t a fan of being changed, both his clothes and his nappy. Although he is getting much better now. Whilst dressing him if he doesn’t want you to dress him he locks his legs and arms so you can’t get them in haha.

My dog has taken soo well to him! The night we came home he was so excited to see me – I missed him! He walked over to the car seat and had a sniff etc. I thought he was going to be majorly jealous or react badly, but he seems to be really chilled and it hasn’t really affected him. The only time he has really cried is when Oskar is crying as I think he thinks we are doing something to him!

He had his last Health Visitor appointment on Saturday 14th January, they said he is doing well! His cord hasn’t fallen off yet but looks pretty good. He had his heel prick test which he literally slept through.. I was expecting him to cry and then for me to cry. But he was not bothered by it at all. He lost about 4.5% of his birth weight and weighed in at around 7lbs 5oz.

Here is my little man, one week old πŸ™‚Β img_2053-2

Kirsty x


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