41 weeks and 2 days pregnant!

Hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year!! 

Still waiting for my baby boy!!

Had my midwife appointment today and she did my sweep and finally booked me in to be induced! Finally, there is an end in sight haha..

Im booked in to be induced on Saturday so hoping he’s here then but the latest he should be here is Monday 🙂 everyone is getting so excited but I am actually so scared right now!! The sweep wasn’t too bad, it was uncomfortable.. it hurt me a bit but thats because she had to pull my cervix forward slightly..

Apparently I am 1cm dilated and she said my cervix is nice and soft, she managed to sweep around the baby’s head. I went for a long walk afterwards about an hour or so. I was knackered afterwards! Drinking pineapple juice too.. trying to get things moving 🙂 even though I’m actually petrified.. But I can’t wait to meet my baby boy 🙂

I’ve not really had any labour signs e.g. back ache, braxton hicks, show etc. until today.. after my sweep I had a little bit of a show and I’ve been getting a few contractions.. hopefully he is on his way before I need to be induced 😉 (yeah right!) my child is too stubborn and lazy haha.

Here is my 41 week 2 day bump!






This photo also melts my heart!! ❤


Kirsty x


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