40 weeks pregnant – IT’S MY DUE DATE!

Well.. Here we Β are. Due dateeee and I still feel nothing arghhh. Maybe I’m just getting a tad impatient now, I can’t wait to meet my bubba! I suppose the latest they’ll leave me before inducing me will be the 10th January. So I’ve just got to pray that this little monkey wants to make an appearance before then! I’m only about 5 foot, I didn’t think I was capable of carrying a baby for this long haha.. My only worry is that he’s continuing to grow and grow and I don’t think I’m going to be able to give birth to a 9 pounder πŸ˜‰ We shall see πŸ™‚

Here are some photos I took this morning! I have had a very active baby today already… I’m going to try and stay pretty busy today, although its hard because I literally have no energy. I want to save most of it for labour!


I hope everyone had a good Christmas πŸ™‚ It was a quiet one for me this year!


Me and my mum and dad Christmas Day 2016 πŸ™‚


As you can see my bump comes in handy for lots of things haha, don’t think I’ve mentioned him before but this is my dog Whiskey. He is literally my baby that I’ve had for the past 6 years.. Introducing him to the baby is something that I’m pretty nervous about, I know he will be fine with him but I don’t want him feeling jealous or left out! I don’t really know how to prepare him!

So lets hope that my next post is a baby post rather than a pregnancy one!

Kirsty x


2 thoughts on “40 weeks pregnant – IT’S MY DUE DATE!

  1. Tamsin Hornby says:

    When youre in hospital wrap him up in a blanket when hes born then get someone to take the blanket back and put it in the dogs bed so he gets his scent before bringing him home so he already is used to the scent! Should help!

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