38 weeks 5 days pregnant!

I’m not really noticing that many changes now as I’m coming to the end of my pregnancy, one thing that I definitely have noticed though is my change in hormones. I will some days just literally cry over anything and everything and then the next day you won’t even want to speak to me. I’m in that ‘impatient/fed up’ stage now where I really just want him to come out of me!

At the same time, I’m starting to really worry about labour now, I am useless with pain and I know its going to be an interesting experience.. It will all be worth it though šŸ™‚ Seeing the midwife again on Thursday, probably my last appointment.. If I make it that far šŸ˜‰ I will be 39 weeks and 2 days!

I can’t believe that I’m nearing the end! Hopefully he isn’t going to be a Christmas Day baby for his own sake! šŸ˜‰

I’ll show you my 38 week + 5 day bump…



Kirsty x


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