Whats in my baby’s wardrobe?

So now I finally have the time to take all the pictures that blogging demands I am going to do a whats in my baby’s wardrobe post! Yes, I know before anyone tells me that he has an immense amount of clothes and he probably won’t wear them all. But they’re clothes that I have bought and also, clothes that people have given me as gifts. Most of his clothes are from size 0-3 months but there are a few clothes in there that go up to 12 months old! So I’m going to get started..



Here is just the over-view of his wardrobe, obviously its a double wardrobe one side is which I use and then this side is his side 🙂 I love the space in this wardrobe theres a large shelf at the top which is actually height adjustable so I could have had it at any height I liked. I love the 3 baskets which I have used at the top here, these are from B&M. I can’t remember 100% how much they cost but it was somewhere around £3 and £6 I want to say..?

Then there’s just all of his clothes on the rail, I do have little dividers on the rails just to divide his clothes up a little, I couldn’t find any of the plastic ones that were UK Based so I have just ended up using some card ones but they do the job. I’ve also hung his clothes up using the Mothercare ‘Gro-hangers’ they are just plastic baby hangers but they have the opportunity for you to ‘extend’ the hanger so that it can be used up to 12 years. These hangers are a bit pricey in my opinion. They are £4.99 for 6 hangers. The amount of money I’ve spent on hangers, I dread to think!

Then at the bottom there is a large space for storage! Which I could fit loads in if I wasn’t to have the bath there. It won’t be there all of the time I don’t believe.

So in the first basket, going from left to right, I just have his hats, bibs, dummies and muslin cloths. This sounds like a lot to have in one basket but it all seems to fit quite nicely at the moment 🙂

In the middle basket I just have all of his booties, soft bottomed shoes and socks! He has tonnes of socks now!

And then in the last basket, I have all of his little toys etc. He has some soft toys, a sophie la giraffe which I actually never knew squeaked.. my dog is going to be petrified of this haha. He’s got a space dreamer spiral toy which I am going to put on his carseat for him to play with. He has a little caterpillar toy which sings songs and a musical car toy with teething keys on the end. And then he has some large soft building cubes.


Then right in the right hand corner of the top shelf I have kept his baby book and a small baby box that I am going to use for him. And I also have some bits from my own christening which I have never really had a home for and I just thought they’d be cute to keep there.


Then for his rail.. first I just made a ‘night wear’ section.  I have literally moved these little pyjamas from place to place being inside the chest of drawers to just hanging with the clothes to god knows where else haha. Just behind this divider he currently has 2 pairs of PJ’s which I believe are 0-3. And a geo-bag which I absolutely love! It is in the size 0-6 months so it looks huge! Look below;


Next I have the ‘first size’ section, most of his clothes are within this section and the next 0-3 section.


I love the patterns on these dividers, they’re all individual and so so cute.


Next here is his 0-3 section, some of my favourite bits of his clothes are this size! I love them!


Now here is the 3-6 months section, He has a few bits and bobs here but I should probably get some more. I don’t want too until the new season clothes come out though hehe!

Then I’ve just put these two photos together for the last 2 sections because they don’t really have many clothes in, which is the 6-9 and 9-12 month section. These clothes have come from friends etc and the jumper in the 9-12 months is a shirt from Zara which I am sooo in love with. I bought it in 3-6 and 9-12 I believe!

And then for the bottom of the wardrobe  I currently have;

His sock monkey Harry which I previously did a post on, His hospital bag, a baby bath obviously. I don’t think this will stay there permanently but it’s holding a few bits at the moment and it fits well here whilst it’s not in use. I’ve got a little toy turtle, this also takes the temperature of the baby’s bath water. There is a travel mirror for my car which I put onto the headrest so I can still see baby whilst I’m driving even though he is rear-faced. There is a cute little mobile that my mum got for him for when he has a cot. Then I’ve got some maternity towels and nipple pads. And his baby monitor. This is the tommee tippee closer to nature baby monitor, which comes with the sensor pad.

Then behind the baby bath I have a pair of wellies, it is a bit of a random story really. My sister gave them to me after she was trying to order a pair of size 6 wellies for my 16 year old niece. Silly woman had only gone and ordered them in a child’s size. I know he won’t be wearing these for a good few years, but they will come in handy when I need them!

Kirsty x


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