Whats in my hospital bag?

So I just decided to do a blog post on whats in my hospital bag! I will also do another one for whats in my baby’s hospital bag 🙂


Okay so I’m just using this standard hold-all type bag, it’s just one that we have had in the cupboard for a while and one we use sometimes for hand luggage etc when we go on holiday. It’s only going to be used the once and its only going to hold my things so doesn’t need to be anything glamorous!

So ill start with the side pockets, there isn’t anything in the front pocket as the zip doesn’t work! but I’ll start with the left side pocket;



So in the left pocket I’ve got:

  • 1 carrier bag – after looking at other peoples posts and videos they’ve advised a carrier bag for any dirty washing or baby clothes that may get dirty etc. That way the other things in my bag are not getting dirty.
  • Hand sanitiser – Pretty self explanatory, with a newborn and all that I want to make sure my hands are extra clean!
  • Wall plug – I will probably take my main one with me but I wanted to make sure that I definitely had a plug in my bag as when I’ve spent time in the hospital before I’ve forgotten a plug and haven’t been able to charge my phone which was a nightmare!
  • 2 camera batteries – on top of the battery that is currently in the camera. I want to make sure I have enough battery life to take photos 🙂
  • A mirror – I’m not really sure why I placed this in the side pocket and not in my make-up bag.. but that’s just where it is!
  • Headphones – Mainly for early stages of labour or after the birth to listen to music, watch films etc. This will be helpful for if I have to stay in hospital for a period of time.
  • Wash bag – I’m not using this wash bag for my essentials such as shampoo etc. I have literally filled the whole bag with nipple pads!

In the right pocket I’ve got;



Okay so for the right pocket I have got;

  • My makeup bag – which I’m going to put a few bits in such as an eyeliner pencil, lip balm, a hair tie, bobby pins etc. My mirror should probably go in here too but hey!
  • Phone charger case – This is more for an emergency, if I can’t charge my phone for some reason etc. I have fully charged this and will just need to connect it to my phone!
  • Makeup wipes – don’t really need to write anything about these..
  • Camera – Fully charged and ready to go! To make sure I get lots of photos 🙂

Now for the main part of the hold-all;



So in the main bit of my hospital bag I have got;

  • Dressing gown – I don’t usually wear dressing gowns, but this one is from Newlook and its extremely soft! I can’t wait to wear it..
  • Underwear
  • 1 towel and 1 flannel, I wanted to get it in a dark colour, black, blue etc but red also works!
  • 2 pairs of pyjamas
  • Fluffy slipper socks! – These are so cute and soft, also I’m not really a fan of slippers so I will probably just wear these socks as they have got the grips on the bottom.
  • Comfortable clothes for going home in – I’ve got some vests, my hollister tracksuit bottoms, these are the softest things I have ever worn, no lie.
  • Wash bag – I will put a photo below in a second of what I’ve put in here.
  • Lots and lots of maternity pads – apparently I’m gunna need them!!
  • I also have baby’s snowsuit/coat in my hospital bag as it can’t fit into his!


In my wash bag I have got;


  • A new toothbrush
  • Small tube of toothpaste
  • Travel sized version of my shampoo and conditioner.
  • Nipple cream
  • Cocoa butter for my stretch marks..
  • Travel sized shower gel
  • Razor (just incase)
  • Dry shampoo incase I don’t want to wash my hair.
  • I will also put my hair brush etc. in, but obviously I need that at the moment.

Thats literally everything I have put into my hospital bag, I doubt I will use everything I’ve put in here but I like to make sure I’ve got more than what I need rather than less!

Kirsty x


6 thoughts on “Whats in my hospital bag?

  1. Tamsin Hornby says:

    If you’re in the uk which from memory you are, they provide as many maternity pads as you need, but you will need loads for once you’re home and the big nappy like ones for if your water breaks at home because it just doesnt stop I wish someone told me how much there was! Also my hospital had tvs above each bed which you could charge your phone on using the usb wire but not sure if all hospitals have those! Make sure you have lots of nickers too!

    Liked by 1 person

    • KirstysBabyBlog says:

      Yeah I am 🙂 didn’t realise they provided the pads the whole time though so thanks that’ll save me some space haha! The ward they have put me on once before for monitoring had plugs above the beds and I only had a USB 😦 you had TVs? Thats lucky haha.. 2 weeks go! Hope he’s not much longer 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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