Whats in my baby’s hospital bag?

Okay so I’ve done my whats in my hospital bag post so now I’m going to do my baby’s!



This is my baby’s bag which I am also going to use as his changing bag once he is born, I’ve also got attached to it a lovely silk bag from the cuddle company, who if you haven’t seen on Facebook already search them because they do amazing products. I’ve got him a personalised blanket and taggiez which I am not going to show because they have his name on which I want to keep secret until I announce his birth ( if he ever decides to come πŸ˜‰ )

Starting with the front zip..



So inside the front zip there is a little wash bag that I’ve put in for him and inside there he has got;

  • A packet of wipes – I’m not sure if I’ll need more but they can always be gone and got for me.
  • 2 hats – one little blue hat and one navy bobble hat which is sooo cute! can’t wait to see this on him πŸ™‚
  • 4 pairs of socks.
  • 1 pair of slipper booties – I doubt I’ll use these but they’re there anyway. I might use them to keep his feet extra warm coming home.
  • Small grooming set – nail scissors, hairbrush and comb



Then on the other side of the bag theres a zip which you can zip down to turn into a changing mat which I think is quite handy! In here he has got;

  • 2 muslins – I’ve heard they’re quite helpful
  • 2 tubes of metanium cream.
  • Nappies – I can’t actually remember how many nappies are in there. I think around 16 nappies.
  • Nappy bags



In the main bit of his hospital bag I literally have packed it with clothes.. In here I’ve got;

  • 1 blanket – he will also have his cuddle company one too πŸ™‚
  • 4 baby grows, I think 2 are in first size and 2 are 0-3.
  • 5 vests, again in those 2 different sizes
  • 2 pairs of tracksuit bottoms – For extra layering and going home outfit..

Then inside the main bit also there are 2 quite large pockets, in these pockets I’ve just put;



  • 2 little comforters
  • 2 dummies – I’m on the fence about dummies, I’m not 100% sure if I want to use them but I’ve put them in just incase.

Thats literally everything I’ve got in his hospital bag.. I don’t think I have missed anything! I am also thinking about putting a bottle in, just incase I decide not to breastfeed as this is another thing I’m on the fence about.. or incase he is unable to latch!

Kirsty x


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