37 weeks and 5 days pregnant! 

This child must be seriously comfy in there, he just doesn’t want to budge.. either that or I’m getting very impatient 🙂

I’ve tried a lot of things to try and hurry him up! Yoga ball, fresh pineapple, speed humps.. he’s having none of it! Hehe 🙂

Took my car for a clean inside and out yesterday ready for his arrival.. it was a complete tip! Can not believe I let it get like that haha!

His wardrobe is absoloutley full to the brim now, finally finished buying hangers.. the amount of money I must have spent on hangers is unreal.

Here is an overview of his wardrobe! I do want to do a wardrobe tour.. this is not all one size by the way, it ranges from newborn, 0-3 which is what the majority of these clothes are then it goes from 3 months to 1 year 🙂 I can’t wait to see my baby in them!!

He’s such a fiesty baby (midwives words) he doesn’t stop moving and I can constantly feel him turning and grabbing whatever in there!

I’m getting pretty nervous for labour now, wondering how it’s going to go and how I’m going to handle it! I may surprise myself!

Another thing I’ve been thinking about just latley is how I’m going to feed him. I have been set on breastfeeding this whole pregnancy but expressing also so that I can have a hand with feeding.. then I turned my mind to combination feeding between breast and formula milk but that whole process just confuses me. So I’m not sure whether to just stick with breastfeeding if I’m able to, just give him formula or try and get some advice on combination feeding..?

Here is my 37 week 5 day bump! I can finally say he is the size of a watermelon! 😉

I’m not even sure if I’ve dropped yet or not.. he’s been pretty low down the whole pregnancy…

Kirsty x



2 thoughts on “37 weeks and 5 days pregnant! 

  1. Tamsin Hornby says:

    Personal view Id say try breast feeding, but don’t try to pump until your milk is fully in or it could cause you to get really engorged which is so painful, if you were going to combination feed I would give him one expressed bottle followed by one formula and alternate, because its easier to see how much he is getting, but some people let them feed on both sides for a short time then top them up on formula in the same feed but I feel like it would get confusing because you wouldn’t know how much they were getting because breast feeding is timed feeding and formula is how much theyre drinking, completely my opinions though! Breast feeding is tough but i absolutely loved the bond it has given me with baby, id really recommend trying it if you can!


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