34 weeks and 5 days pregnant! 

I feel like these posts are becoming so repetitive now! I’m nearly at the end! 5 weeks and 2 days until I’m full term and 3 weeks left at work! I am greatful that my maternity leave is nearly here but I’m going to miss everyone at work sooo much!!

This week my baby is approx 17.72 inches long and 4.73 pounds in weight.. he is now using his own immune system and digestive system!

Last night and this morning I think I’ve been experiencing braxton hicks. My stomach kept going into a very weird shape followed by tonnes of pressure and squeezing and my tummy goes rock hard! He moved constantly for about 5-6 hours yesterday too which is something I’ve not experienced before! It’s happened a few times this morning too.. they’re not painful, I mean the odd one can be but not each time..


Kirsty x


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