31 weeks and 5 days pregnant!

Okay so today my mood is a bit deflated. -.- I’m going to a friends 21st birthday party on the 5th November and I literally do not know what to wear. The things I’d usually wear are not going to work with a pregnant belly! So I came home with nothing. Arghhh.

This week I managed to get through work okay! I just did quite a bit less. His pram also got delivered on friday (28th/10) so thats all sorted 😀 I’ll probably make a post for the pushchair by itself when I review it 🙂 I also bought the last of my bigger stuff this week, like his bath, some towels, I’ve got his baby monitor now etc. I can’t wait for him to get here now! I’m currently sorting out my hospital bag. well, as much of it as I can, I’ve still got to get basic things for me like travel sized essentials.

I have put on a total of 2 stone since I’ve got pregnant! so now I’m currently weighing at 8 stone 2 and a quarter! According to my pregnancy+ app he is now still the size of a winter squash (whatever one of those are) and is approx. 16.18 inches in length and 3.31 pounds in weight! Heartburn is still constant when I eat but nothing a rennie can’t sort out! I feel a lot more awake since I’ve been taking some iron syrup that the doctor prescribed me.. and sleeping is getting better too. The only thing that I can’t wait to not feel anymore is his foot in my rib! Its always on the same side in the same place and is usually only when I’m sitting down!

Everything else has pretty much been the same! I found some stretch marks though, I was a bit gutted – seeing as I was so figure proud before I got pregnant! They’re only on my thighs and bum though so I guess I’m kind of grateful they’re not on my stomach 🙂

I was sooo excited for this weekend I thought I was going to be able to see my maternity photos that I got done 3 weeks ago but they haven’t contacted me as of yet with them! I hope its soon its killing me waiting I’m sooo excited 😀

I think I have finally decided on a name and I have ordered him a Cuddle Company blanket and Taggie! Can’t wait for them to come 😀 I am not going to mention his name on here until I announce his birth 🙂


Kirsty x


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