29 weeks and 5 days pregnant!

I’m getting a bit slow on these posts now and it’s just because I’m just sooo tired all the time. I feel like I wake up, go to work, come home and eat and then fall asleep just to repeat the process again the next day! I do 8.5 hour days at work and being in a nursery I’m literally non-stop all day, the things I’m beginning to struggle with at work now are mainly the nappy rounds. I work with 2-2.5 year olds so they are not the lightest of children like babies so either lifting them on and off of the changing mat or getting up and down from the floor (depending on who I’m changing) definitely  is beginning to become a struggle. Getting up and down from the floor or bending down to pick up toys is another thing.. Sometimes I literally just do not have the energy to keep moving some days haha but as long as the baby is fine I am going to try and work for as long as I possibly can.

Got some more of baby’s clothes hung up in the wardrobe just need to get some more hangers, it seems like it’s taking forever because I bought some ‘gro-hangers’ from Mothercare, and now for some reason they’ve stopped stocking them! So I got some more yesterday from John Lewis, they aren’t extendable ones which I’m a bit gutted about but they do look good and hold his clothes 🙂 Once I’ve sorted it all I will make a post showing his wardrobe.. although, I’m not too sure what’s easier? Does anyone else have a blog plus a Youtube account? I really want to make some YouTube videos as I think 1, it would be easier to just record his wardrobe rather than taking about a thousand photos. But 2, I really like writing my blog and creating my blog. Maybe if I started making videos I wouldn’t blog as much.. I’d like to think I would though. I’m a bit camera shy and don’t feel 100% comfortable sitting in front of a camera and talking – this is mainly because I have a slight turn in my left eye, which can also be known as a lazy eye which I hate.. I’m hoping my baby boy doesn’t have this also.. Let me know if anyone else has a YouTube account and I’ll go watch your videos 🙂

I’m still yet to order the changing mat that I like which would then nearly complete my changing unit! I want to get some cot pockets/nappy stackers to go on the side of the changing unit, that way I can gain more storage from the drawers rather than filling them with nappies 🙂 and in all honesty, I’m hoping to steal one of his drawers considering we will share a bedroom and I have no chest of drawers! I want to get some wicker baskets inside the wardrobe. But I’m not sure how well that will work 🙂

Whilst going through all of the stuff I’ve got, in one of my samples I found the ‘Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula, Tummy Butter’ I have got the other stretch mark cream from Palmers, which seems to have been working as I still don’t have any stretch marks *TOUCH WOOD* but I hate greasy / sticky textures, I just can’t stand them. This tummy butter comes in a small 15g/5 oz. pot, probably just a tester sized pot and smells okay actually. Its  a yellow ‘butter’ type cream if that makes sense. It seems a bit oily at first, but once it’s on the skin you wouldn’t know its there!

As for my bump! It’s starting to become a little uncomfortable now D: I can feel him and saw a little foot a couple of days ago! He’s moving around lots now 🙂 Everyone keeps asking me if I have thought of a name! I am struggling so much! I have one in mind but I’m not sure I will stick with it! I may start watching ‘names I love but will never use’ videos on Youtube for inspiration!

Here is my 29 week 5 days bump 🙂 Cannot believe I am 30 weeks on Tuesday!!


Kirsty x


One thought on “29 weeks and 5 days pregnant!

  1. Tamsin Hornby says:

    I think it just depends on the person whether you get stretch marks and mainly genetics! My mum and her mum never really got stretch marks and I haven’t this far and I haven’t used any creams, some people are just unlucky I suppose, these creams just help with the pain of stretching x


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