25 weeks and 3 days pregnant!

Haven’t written a blog post in a while so heres my update 🙂 Been feeling him move loaaaads this week, unless my mum wants to feel him kick and puts her hand on my stomach; then he completely refuses to kick – typical!

So, still going with the dreaded water infection, although I don’t believe I have a water infection anymore. I think all of the antibiotics gave me thrush which had just gotten way out of control. Last Sunday (11th September) I yet again called 111 to ask for advice as it was just becoming so uncomfortable and unable to bear. They got me an appointment with the out of hours doctor, but the hospital I had to go to was about a half an hour drive.. so we got to the hospital and waited 40 odd minutes over my appointment time and I can honestly say I have never spoken to a doctor as rude as the one I saw that night. It was about 7pm and okay, she doesn’t want to be at work at 7pm on a sunday night listening to me complain about things that may be TMI but I have never come accross anyone so rude.

I explained to her that no one had examined me eventhough I’ve returned constantly about the same issue and they’ve just been prescribing me antibiotics. The response I got from her was “Well they dont need to examine you actually.” I mean seriously? I’m 6 months pregnant and had a water infection / thrush for over a month or more! I made her check me in the end and all she gave me was a pessary and come cream of which  I already had 2 tubes of.

I have my midwife appointment on Thursday (22nd September) and hopefully it will be my main midwife as I haven’t seen her since the day she came to my house to meet me. I haven’t really spoken to my midwife throughout this pregnancy. I texted her one night about the water infection and she never got back to me, so I haven’t really bothered since!

Going back to my wriggling bump! I have noticed, I think he likes twinkle twinkle little star… I work in a nursery and at circle times if we are singing I will feel him kick or move each time I sing that song! Unless thats his way of telling me he dislikes my singing haha!

According to my pregnancy+ app he is now… 13.62 inches long and 1.46 pounds and apparently his spine has 1000 ligaments, 150 joints and 33 vertebrae. His skin is more opaque and he is beginning to develop a little memory 🙂 This all sounds so advanced, I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy has gone! It also says I can start experiencing Braxston Hicks any time now.. omg!

I bought my car seat I think the weekend before last! (3rd september) possibly? I haven’t got any photos of it as it is in my car in black bags (best place to store it!) but if anyone is interested I got the Maxi Cosi CabrioFix carseat as this fits onto the pushchair that I want as a travel system and it seemed to be the smallest/lightest one out of the choices I had due to the pushchair 🙂 I got it for £100, Mothercare had a sale on the black lined patterned one which is the one I got, I dont like the look of the blue one etc. When baby is here I can give it a proper review, but I’ve tried to fit it into my car already, just using a seatbelt. I only have a small corsa and it took up pretty much all of the seatbelt and still rocked abit, so I  am thinking about getting an isoFix base… does anyone currently use one or know anyone that does? I think I was looking at the FamilyFix one, but they cost more than what I paid for the carseat!

Kirsty x


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