23 weeks and 3 days pregnant!

Nearly 6 months pregnant omg!!

Apparently now my baby boy is the size of an eggplant? whatever one of those are 😛 although in the picture it kind of looks like an aubergine. Thats a pretty good size 🙂 According to my pregnancy+ app he is approx. 11.38inches long and weighs 1.1 pounds! When looking at the pictures he is already looking like a fully formed baby!

I feel him moving around quite a bit now during the day, mostly when I’ve just sat down or eaten something! He won’t move after everything I’ve eaten but I tend to feel him after I’ve eaten some fruit or something chocolatey! (Don’t blame him on that one ;))

I’ve had a lot of back pain this week and it’s becoming irritating when I’m trying to sleep. It’s taking me a little longer to sleep anyway seeing as I’m used to sleeping on my front and can no longer do that! But turns out that I have yet another water infection! (woo.) although when I went to the doctors on the Monday she tested my urine there and she said it was clear but on the Tuesday I got a phone call saying the 2nd sample I had done shows up definite infection – I’m fed up of being on the antibiotics!! Grrr.

Last Saturday (nearly a week ago – oops!) I managed to get myself a new wardrobe and bed!! I got it from Harveys/Bensons for Beds and they’re beautiful! Well, they looked it in the show room;) The only downside is t;t;that It’s not being delivered until 5th October. Hopefully It’ll fly by! I can’t hang any of his clothes (or mine for that matter!) up anywhere until this wardrobe gets here! He is starting to build up quite a collection of clothes too! I haven’t posted them but my sister ordered him some cute clothes too 🙂

My belly feels pretty big to me now too! I know I probably say this every week but my tops are really starting to not fit me anymore;) I’m trying to hold out buying maternity clothes because I’m worried they’re not going to fit me and they’re going to look all baggy and horrible!


Kirsty x


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