22 weeks 1 day pregnancy update & baby clothes haul!

I can not believe that I am already 22 weeks pregnant!!

I’m starting to feel him wriggling a lot more often now, whilst driving in the car and eating the most but its not just twice a day now! He’s a right little wiggler and also feels like hes doing flips at times! 🙂 I’m still not having any cravings, although saying that I really wanted a banana milkshake the other day, I didn’t get one so I ended up eating a whole bowl of banana angel delight.. but I havent had any constant cravings for any certain thing.

I’ve started noticing my ‘pregnancy nose’ a lot more now, I was thinking what is everyone talking about pregnancy nose, better smell when they’re pregnant because I didnt notice it at all, but now I’m further along I am beginning to notice that i recognise certain smells earlier than everyone else.

A couple of people at work have said this week that they can now notice my bump! I’ve also had a couple of parents at nursery ask me whether I’m pregnant or not! My water infection (can’t remember whether I posted about it or not) has now cleared up 🙂 hopefully I wont get any more as I’ve now had 3 and they’re sooooo irritating!

One downside to this pregnancy that I have found is that my feet are beginning to ache a lot, more when they’re hot than any other time and being on my feet all day doesn’t help either 😦

Here is my bump this week – its not the best photo though! 🙂 Still no stretch marks on my tummy! Hopefully it stays that way *touch wood!*


Starting to see my belly button poking out of my top now! Makes me cringe as I hate belly buttons haha! Started with getting rid of furniture in my room this week! The dreaded chair has now gone to the tip and hopefully this weekend I will have finally ordered a wardrobe! Anyways now for my haul!

Since finding out the gender of the baby I wanted to use Saturday as a day to start shopping! so £107 later in mothercare this is what I got..



img_9208So first I got this cute little aeroplanes vest and dungarees set 🙂 I got this in new baby, I’m struggling to know how much of each size to get! I’m not sure how much he will need! This cost £14.00


Next I got him some little jeans! These are the cutest little jeans I’ve seen in a while 🙂 I have my eye on some from River Island too:) These ones cost me £9.00 I do believe. I’m currently trying to get the prices from the reciept and they aren’t the easiest things to read 😉





Next I got this little check shirt vest 🙂 I’m in love with these little vests! I got this for £9.00




Next I got these longsleeved vests, They’re both stripy and they are pretty basic 🙂 These cost £9.00



Next I got these sweet little hippo vests 🙂 They come as a 2pk and cost me £9.00


Now another check shirt! 😀 I love the colours on this one, I got this in 0-3 months and this cost £9.00img_9216


Then I got this 🙂 this will be one of the first things that he will wear as I got it in the size ‘up to 1 month’ I love the cheeky little monkeys on it! 🙂 this cost £12.00 for the top and joggers 🙂


Thats all of it from mothercare! Then I went into next, seeing as we have a brand new store in my town.. not that I really needed an excuse 😉 I got a few bits from there..

Kirsty x


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