ANOTHER water infection?! :( & Gender Scan tomorrow :D

I think I wrote about the back and shoulder pain that I’ve been having, maybe I mentioned it in my last post.. or did I? Anyways, yesterday I felt so uncomfortable. I rang the 111 number and she made me an out of hours appointment to see the doctor at the hospital. The back and shoulder pain I’ve been getting has been, yup you guessed it. Yet another water infection. I’ve been pregnant nearly 21 weeks and I’ve had 3 water infections! I wonder how many more are to come before baby is here!

So tomorrow at 12:15pm I’m having my 20 week scan (at 21 weeks;)) and I’m going to find out what I am having!! eek. Then I can start to get organised etc properly. I want to do a little gender reveal post but I’m out of ideas. If anyone has any ideas then feel free to post 🙂 I know its always easier to do videos than blog posts, but they aren’t really my thing!

Baby is currently kicking me tonnes! started feeling it properly, like on my hand Saturday but yesterday baby was so active. He/She must know I’m writing about them as I’m getting kicked like mad as I’m writing this post! 🙂

This was just a short post to update 🙂 I will most probably put an update/gender reveal up tomorrow 🙂 exciting times!

Kirsty x


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