20 weeks pregnant & finally got my room painted!

Hiiii 🙂 Heres my 20 week pregnancy update 🙂 theres nothing much that happened different this week from last week, when I do these updates I sometimes feel like I am writing the same thing. But honestly, if it wasn’t for the flutters and the popping bubbles inside my stomach I really would not feel pregnant! I mean, I’m going to the toilet a bit more frequently but no more this week than I have been previous weeks.

Although! Something happened yesterday, which is making me think to myself god please no! So far I have had virtually no sickness whatsoever. But yesterday I was outside standing next to the sandpit (I work in a nursery if you didn’t already know:)) and I started gagging like 8 times. I honestly thought I was going to be sick there and then! The smell of the sand just instantly hit me and made me feel terrible. I was fine afterwards and thankfully I was not sick! But fingers crossed I am hoping that I’m not starting with morning sickness – or any form of sickness!

According to my pregnancy+ app my baby is now the size of a small banana. Such a funny thing to compare my baby to, a banana. haha. Apparently my baby is approx. 10.08inches long and weighs 10.58oz. My awful dreams have subsided (for now) and hopefully it stays that way!

I can not believe that I am half way through this pregnancy already – it has gone so so fast! I am starting to think about when I want to go on my maternity leave. I want to carry on working for as long as I possibly can, because I’m due at Christmas time (27th December) I won’t be working right up until my due date anyway like some people do. I don’t think I’d manage it for starters haha.

I find out what gender my baby is a week today! So my 21 week update will also be a gender reveal! eeek.. That’s when I’m really going to start going crazy buying clothes because the only thing that is stopping me at the moment is that I don’t know what I’m having! some people say they get a gut feeling of what they’re going to have. But to be honest I haven’t got that, I have no idea whatsoever so it’ll be good to find out 🙂

Still not got any stretch marks (yay!) not on my stomach anyway. I have a few coming on my hip/upper thigh but they’re not too bad and I’ve always had a few there because of the contraceptive pill I was on years ago! Here is my bump at 20 weeks 🙂

So as you can see from the title of this post – I finally got my room painted. That horrible bright blue colour is no more! 🙂 My brother-in-law bless him, went over the whole room in undercoat first before going over it in this colour. It is from B&Q and is from the Valspar brand. I was going to get the Dulux one in the shade ‘chic shadow’ but they didn’t have the colour I tried as a tester in a 5L tin. So the colour I got was called Summer Grey and its a beautiful subtle grey colour. I haven’t done anything else in my room just yet, I am currently trying to find a nice white wardrobe that I like, I’m being so picky! I always get fed up of my room after a year or so. This time I want it to be different! The room feels so much bigger and brighter! I decided not to go ahead with the wallpaper that I was going to have, even though I already bought it. I just change my mind so quickly when it comes to decor. It was too much hassle trying to decide on colours of the wall to match the wallpaper and then colours of the furniture to match but also not blend in. It was a nightmare! Here is the colour of my room now 🙂

And yes, I am aware that there is a little bit on the ceiling. But thats easily fixed! 🙂 It may look a bit off colour, I think its my camera. I’ll try and take a good one at the weekend in really bright daylight (if the weather is good hehe!)

Kirsty x


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