19 weeks pregnant! & Decorating ideas.. changed my mind?!

It doesn’t feel like that long ago when I posted an 18 week pregnancy update but I thought I’d do my 19 week update now 🙂 I am 19 weeks pregnant today 02.08.2016 and I can finally say that I can feel the baby move!!

It’s such a strange feeling, I mean no one else can actually physically feel kicking on my stomach just yet but I can feel ‘butterflies’ and what feels like bubbles ‘popping’ in my stomach!

I have recently noticed that my stomach has got much weaker since my pregnancy has progressed. The slightest thing can make me feel queasy which isn’t the best of things considering I work with 2 year olds! Im grateful that the morning sickness is still no longer existing – fingers crossed it stays that way! Sometimes I still don’t feel pregnant!

According to my pregnancy app (pregnancy+) my baby is/should be currently the size of a grapefruit which is approx. 6.02 inches long & weighs 8.47 oz! Its exactly 2 weeks today to go until my gender reveal scan 😀 I am getting a little bit more excited to find out because I can start to buy actual outfits as well as vests!

I am starting to get heavier! I’m hoping that its all the fluids and not just me gaining weight 😉 Before I got pregnant I had never weighed over 6 stone 5 at the very very most. I think currently I am weighing at around 6 stone 10.5 to 6 stone 11 :O :O My leggings and one pair of jeggings still currently fit fine, so thinking this I bought some more jeggings from new look! But they are really not comfortable around the waistband area. I went to Mothercare to try on some maternity jeggings/jeans. The smallest they had in store was an 8R. They were ok in the waist but so baggy in the leg and I HATE baggy clothes. I went on ASOS and found that they do petite maternity clothes! – I mean, what a great idea 🙂 So I have ordered some in a 6 petite.. knowing my luck these ones will be too small! So when they get here I will do a review 🙂

Does anyone have any experience of a clingy pet and introducing baby to them? My dog is my baby and I’ve had him for 6 years now! He literally follows me around everywhere, he sleeps in my room also. He is a great dog and is fine with children, I just wondered if anyone had any ideas of how I could introduce the whole new baby thing when it comes closer to the time. Like an older sibling, I don’t want him to feel ‘pushed out’ as that can make some dogs rebellious.

I think I have changed my mind again about how I want to decorate mine and the baby’s room (typical me!) Instead of using the wallpaper to make it more simple and easier to change about I am going to paint my entire room a nice shade of grey. I have also found two nice colours, a bright pink or a bright aqua blue! I am in love with them both. I will then be able to use either of those colours for accessories etc. and adapt the white in with the white furniture, photo frames, shelves etc!


Kirsty x


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