17 week update & UK Heatwave?!

After working all this week through this hot weather, I can honestly say that I am glad I am not going to be heavily pregnant throughout the summer! (This time around anyway;)) Most people believe that because I work in a nursery I am able to take the children out all day and ‘sunbathe’ that is not the case. It is too hot for them so we had to stay indoors.

I know I am only 17 weeks pregnant, but I have never ever felt the humidity as much as I have this year! It was horrible – I am a great lover of the sun and would never wish it away, But my car said 38 degrees celsius at one point! In the UK?! I mean come on!

I went to my Obstetrics appointment yesterday! After waiting in the waiting room for an hour over my appointment (they were running behind) the specialist was a little confused as to why I had been referred. She said my BMI isn’t that low, she asked me how I felt etc. Took my blood pressure which apparently is all good 🙂 and she managed to find baby’s heartbeat 🙂 I can’t believe how fast it beats!

I still have a tiny bump! its not as big as some people I knew when they were 2 months pregnant. I think one morning I’m going to wake up looking huge and wonder where on earth it came from! 😉 As for the dreams, I am still having them. I’m seeing my midwife next week, so I’m going to mention it to her. I can’t even remember what I am dreaming about now. I just wake up with a horrible feeling and tears streaming down my face!

Debating whether to make the announcement on my social media, I am so anxious. I don’t want to feel alone and become an emotional wreck again. I’m sure I won’t.. But I’m worried that I will. I’m more worried about what my ex’s family will think.


Kirsty x


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