Terrible Dreams….?!

Did anyone else get nightmares or just horrible dreams during pregnancy? I’m not even sure if its pregnancy related or maybe something else.

For a good few weeks now I’ve been hating going to sleep. I fall asleep as usual, then I can wake myself up crying at any point during the night, either that or I don’t wake up at all and a member of my family ask me the next morning whats going on because they heard me in the night. Some days I can remember pretty clearly what the dream was about. Most of the time its about situations that may have happened in the past, but other times its situations that have never happened before and its horrible.

I have a midwife appointment on the 28th so, 11 days time. I don’t know whether its worth mentioning that to her? But then I think, what if she just says its normal and I have to go through these dreams for the rest of my pregnancy! Its not exactly pleasant.

I’m going through quite a bit of confusion about various different things recently. I know everything isn’t exactly flowers and roses in life, but there always has to be a catch or some form of confusion! Can anyone relate? I’d be happy to exchange a listening ear with anyone 🙂

Kirsty x


6 thoughts on “Terrible Dreams….?!

  1. Rachael says:

    I have bad dreams. I’m week 33 now and I dream of going into labor early at work or getting fired stuff like that then I can’t get back to sleep as I literally think on Tuesday I’ll go into labor n I’ll be alone at work lol. Used to have sexy dreams before then though. Not had a full sleep in weeks haha 😂


  2. Tamsin Hornby says:

    Yep completely normal, I’m nearly 25 weeks and they’re so bad at the minute, feel like im not getting any sleep its just like im in a world i can’t control☹️ hopefully they wont last the whole pregnancy! Had them on and off since 20 weeks


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