Haven’t posted in a few days..

Thought I’d make a post as I haven’t really written anything in a few days, today is Saturday 9th July, on Thursday I got sent home from work with pains on the left side of my stomach. It scared me a little because when I was around 7 weeks pregnant the same thing happened but a lot lot worse, I got taken into hospital because they thought I may have had an ectopic pregnancy. Thank God that I didn’t. It was just a severe water infection.

I think I may have done too much Thursday morning because I was fine by Friday. I think being on my feet all day, picking up toys from the floor constantly, doing nappy rounds and pushing (child-sized) tables around probably isn’t the best of things to do. I’m not the type of person to just give up easily when it comes to work but my manager basically sent me home, she is around 6 months pregnant herself! Maybe I just had some form of uterus pain. Im not sure where abouts your uterus is though?

Feel so tired today! Met up with a friend and we walked my dog up in the woods before going for some lunch and a yummy dessert at a dessert parlour 😛 We must have been walking for around an hour. I enjoy walking up there, its peaceful and the dog loves it, but I was glad to get back to the car 🙂

Has anyone ever been pregnant and not had any cravings? I’ve not been craving the same thing constantly for weeks. I’ll just see something and then fancy it. I have been drinking quite a bit of lemonade this week, I wonder what it will be next week.. haha! I’m worrying myself about whether I should post my news on social media. Because obviously, my situation isn’t the standard lovey dovey pregnancy. My ex boyfriend and his family will see the post and I don’t want to cause dramas because I’m still hurting from our breakup. I would never ever call my baby a mistake. I’m blessed to have my baby, I’m just scared to let the love of my life find out. Is that bad??
This is the only place I’m writing about my pregnancy, its good to be able to get everything out into a blog because it’s also a great memoir!

Sorry this post has been all over the place, I just wanted to write about a few things that are on my mind 🙂

Kirsty x


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