Stretch Mark Creams?

A Couple of days ago I bought some stretch mark cream.. I haven’t actually got any yet, but I’m trying to see if using stretch mark cream before hand will help to minimise them! I looked at a couple in the store and wasn’t sure on which one was best because there were so many that seemed to do the same thing.

In the end I got the Palmer’s cocoa butter formula (massage lotion) as I previously read that cocoa butter was meant to be pretty good for the skin. This contains Bio C-Elaste so hopefully this will work some magic on my skin 🙂



This one also says on the back that it is also good to continue to use after pregnancy. I got this one (250ml) from Superdrug for £3.99 but it is currently on sale for £2.65.

I have only used this product once or twice at the moment, but it has a lovely smell to it. The only thing I don’t like about it at the moment is that it is very greasy and sticky.

Today I saw another in Mothercare, by Bepanthen. I have previously used Bepanthen cream when I got my tattoos done and it worked wonders on them. But it was pretty pricey! Around £14 if I remember correctly.

I will write another post on this product when I have used it for a bit longer and I am beginning to get bigger!

Kirsty x


2 thoughts on “Stretch Mark Creams?

  1. Nadia L. Botha says:

    A friend of mine used Palmers Tummy Butter for Stretch Marks, as well as coconut oil. She said it left her with no stretch marks.
    Although, I did also hear that your skins elasticity is what determines if you will have stretch marks or not, and that creams won’t work if your skin isn’t very elastic…? Eek!
    I hope you don’t get them!
    N x


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