Studying whilst on maternity leave and with a new baby?!

Just casually sitting on my bedroom floor whilst writing this blog post. Just felt like I needed a bit of time on my own. I never know why I sometimes feel that way because I love the company of others! But I suppose every human needs it once in a while 🙂

I went to my old college today to sign up for a brand new course that they’re doing this year, I am already level 3 qualified in childcare and early years education. But after graduating that about 2 years ago now I have decided that I want to progress my qualification. Before I ended up back down south I took the Foundation Degree in Childhood Studies seriously and was going to apply to the university. But for some reason there was something stopping me, maybe it was fete.

But anyway, me and my friend from work went to apply for the new level 4 course which is basically an introduction to the Foundation Degree which would be level 5 and 6. Now people have probably got this far and now thinking, how are you going to manage a course and a newborn baby? I know its manageable and I know people do it. But this course is only 3 hours a week in the actual university building so it won’t take up much of my time.

Once I become committed to something I stick by it and that is what I fully intend to do with this. It starts in September and my baby is due around December time so I may miss a few lectures but I will be able to catch up on that. I am also aware of the coursework requirements that come alongside it. The level 3 course was very very coursework heavy and I found it pretty hard work to keep on top of it all but I did it and I came out with an A grade.

With this ill be on maternity leave for most of, if not all of it so ill have some spare time when the baby is asleep or spending a bit of time with my family to catch up on some. Everyone needs a break sometimes right? – my coursework will probably be my break (haha) I spoke to my manager and I love my workplace because they have always been supportive in everything that I do. I will be able to go into my setting whilst on maternity to carry out things that need to be done for my course. Such as my child observations etc.

Im not really sure why I made a blog post about this but I think it will be nice to look back on at some point and compare my life then to how it is now. I want to be a good role model for my baby and thats what I fully intend to do. Whether his or her father is involved or not. I also feel that doing this course is another part of my pregnancy journey, its another challenge I’m going to face and I know I’m going to make myself and my child proud.

Kirsty x


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