Another appointment and 12 weeks pregnant today (I believe!)

I can honestly say that I have never gotten appointments with the NHS so fast in all of my life 😉 Although this appointment they’ve now made for me I don’t think all pregnant women have to attend? My friend was pregnant and didn’t have to attend one of these..

I work in childcare and have done basic background studies on pregnancy and things that happen during, although the majority of my course focussed on the child itself rather than the pre-natal things. I have never heard of an ‘obstetrics outpatients appointment’ like I said my friend fell pregnant around 2 years ago and she didn’t have to go to one of these.

I probably did the worst thing ever and briefly googled it and it said something about the midwife only puts you forward for these appointments if there may be some issues / worries during pregnancy.

I am aware that everyone within the NHS swear by peoples’ BMI. I hate BMI. According to my BMI I am underweight, so this is probably why I have to attend one of these appointments. I am not underweight. I am a petite 5 foot tall and usually around 6 stone 1. (obviously not at the moment! I’m actually around 6 stone 7 and I’ve never been this heavy!  – thanks baby ;)) My mum is only about 4 foot 8 and thats why I’m not concerned about myself being slim and petite.

People keep saying that because I’m small I’m going to have a small baby, not sure how true their theory is 😉 hopefully he or she won’t be a 9 pounder haha! I also need to attend a diabetes screening appointment at some point.. My dad has diabetes so I have him to thank for that 😉 I just can’t believe how many appointments I have to attend! Although it gets me a few hours/half a day off work 😉 as much as I do hate hospitals!

If anyone reading this has been to an obstetrics appointment please can you enlighten me to what it involves 😉 I love how the NHS just presumes everyone is fully aware about the whole process!

Also; I am 12 weeks pregnant today (I believe) until I have my dating scan I can only go by the date that I had my last period and that was back in March! I can honestly say that I don’t really feel pregnant, obviously at work when I’m sitting on the floor picking up toys or bending up and down knackers me out a lot more than it used to but other than that… nothing! I’m not having morning sickness or even feeling sick. I have only gone off a few foods such as noodles… I really can’t stomach noodles at the moment they just make me want to vom! I feel a bit bloated but thats about it really. It will be amazing when I start to feel the baby move. Because sometimes I freak out worrying that maybe I’m not pregnant anymore because I don’t feel it, I can’t feel anything and I’m still hardly bumping! I was so wrong! I thought I’d bump out pretty fast because I’m slim. But I’m going more round.

Here’s some 12 week photos 🙂


It looks a bit of a weird shape to me haha! But I have always felt that it was beginning to poke out slightly more on the right side rather than the left?

Kirsty x


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