Choosing a moses basket..?

Yes, I know it’s probably a little bit too early to be looking at moses baskets etc. But who can resist temptation when looking at cute baby things 🙂 I must admit, I have probably been into mothercare one too many times over the past 2 and a half months! (3 very soon!)

Now I’ve finally chosen a colour scheme / wallpaper that I would like I think I can start getting small bits and pieces such as sheets/blankets etc. Which I haven’t just yet 🙂 I was browsing on the mothercare app and saw all of the little moses baskets. Theres too many to choose from!

Some aren’t too expensive and then others can be a tad pricey, but thats probably the same with everything. On mothercare they range from £35.00 – £130.00! I am pretty in love with this one though…,default,pd.html

It’s not the usual shape of a moses basket (not ones you usually see anyway) which is what I think drew me to it in the first place. They also do this one in a ‘baskety’ colour, haha pretty rubbish explanation. I mean the usual brown wicker basket colour 😉 I’m not sure how much I’d want to spend on a moses basket though. I do want one that I love and that will be comfortable for my baby, this one will also go with the room scheme! But at the same time I’d also rather spend more on the baby’s clothing, pushchair etc. I can’t wait to get the pushchair! (eek!)

Here’s one that I like that is retailed in mothercare for £38.50, this one is currently in clearance too!,default,pd.html

Mothercare is the sole place that I have been looking at for baby things as I’m not really a fan of mamas and papas, if anyone knows of any other good baby shops they can recommend me I am open to suggestions 🙂 I mean, when isn’t anyone in the mood to look at baby things 😀

Kirsty x


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