Decorating my room!

I need help decorating my room! for a start, I’m rubbish at it.. but I’m out of ideas completely. I think I need something neutral or something that I can add too later on, seeing as obviously I don’t know the baby’s sex yet. As for now the baby and myself will have the same room.

At the moment my room isn’t very well decorated because its been left from when I moved out previously. Its just a horrible blue colour and I’d love to get rid of it 😉 I say I want something neutral but I also want a feature wall – maybe? I love certain colours like pinks, greens etc. but I don’t want to go too far one way incase its the opposite sex.

Obviously I’m not turning the whole of my room into a nursery but some little stickers in the corner or something to make it cosy would be cute.. My room isn’t the biggest of rooms but I’m able to fit a double wardrobe a double bed and a tv and still have a bit of space so I suppose its workable 😉


I went to have a look around B&Q the other week, they have tonnes of colours its so hard to know where to start, but they also have some gorgeous wallpapers. I noticed once which was literally all gold and sparkled. That would probably be too much, but it was amazing! It comes in silver and pink too! Here it is if you want to have a look 🙂 Going by the actual wallpaper I would have thought that it would have looked too much once its on the wall, but looking at the photos someone has posted in the reviews it actually looks quite elegant!

I love yellow and grey for a baby, so if I could have it as a whole room and actually pull it off, I think that would be nice 🙂
This is pretty! If you can’t see it for some reason its a white background wallpaper with yellow and grey sketches of flowers. 🙂

I’d still love to do something like the photo above if I decided to not go with wallpaper, I’ve used wall stickers before and they’ve turned out amazing 🙂

Anyways I’ll keep brainstorming and posting my ideas but if anyone has any ideas please feel free to comment 🙂

Kirsty x


2 thoughts on “Decorating my room!

  1. nadialouisebotha says:

    Yellow and grey is great, and because you’re sharing the room with baby, you can even change your duvet covers etc. to the same colours! Maybe nice grey and white covers with some yellow scatter pillows? Then it will still be an “adulty” room, and baby’s goodies in a different section…
    So exciting for you!


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