Feeling a bit like an old woman!

( No offence to any older women by the title of my blog post by the way 😉 )

I work in a day nursery with children under 5 and even though I’m only 11 weeks pregnant (nearly) I already feel it when I’m doing daily physical things! I didn’t think that it would have any effect on me just yet.

So basic things of my job include lifting children up to change nappies or wave goodbye to their mummy or daddy at the window in the morning when they’re a little bit upset, moving (very light) tables and chairs getting ready for the children’s meal times. Bending down to pick up dropped toys or cups from the floor. I seriously feel like I have been at the gym for about an hour afterwards!

My feet are beginning to ache a little now, I’m not constantly on my feet all day at work but walking around and standing is quite a big part of it. Today (08.06.16) we had to move all of the garden toys off the grass for the gardeners, the girls I work with are lovely. Telling me off if they think I’m moving something that I shouldn’t, if its too heavy or too bulky or whatever. I’m not the type of person that can’t be doing anything at work though! I have to keep busy and me not being able to do things is going to be difficult for me!

I wonder how close to my due date I’m going to carry on working, because if I’m feeling like this now, god help me when I get further along! It may just be something that lasts for a short while and then disappears before coming back. Like the morning sickness! I started getting that around 6-7 weeks, maybe 8. It lasted for about a week and I haven’t had it since, not even the ‘sicky’ feeling. But today its started to come back – I feel pretty sick today. Maybe its moving the garden furniture. I’m not sure. At this moment in time I’m glad I’m based with 2 year olds rather than babies, that would be challenging!

It would be nice to talk to other people who are about the same way through their pregnancy journey as myself. I’d like to know how their emotions are going. I feel pretty down today. I just keep thinking about how ready I was for this, before everything back in April happened. I know not everyones situations are the same, life would be boring if they were and I appreciate the fact that I’ve been given an amazing opportunity such as my own child, as I know there are people out there who are unable to conceive. I think there is something available on the internet where you are able to chat with people who are about the same way through their journey pregnancy as you, but I’m unsure how I’m able to access this?

Kirsty x


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